Techland’s crazy parkour, open world, zombie apocalypse affair, Dying Light, is officially upon us today. The game is now out on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

As such, we have a brand new launch trailer from the developer. Things look pretty hopeless in this one, don’t they?

You might be wondering why you haven’t read any reviews for Dying Light just yet. Well, we’ve been on the list for codes for a while now, and they did finally come in last night. Before you go all tin foil hat on this one, understand that the PR rep has been keeping us in the loop the whole time. There was supposedly a snafu with the codes, and that’s what lead to the review delay.

This doesn’t seem like Ubisoft’s decision to embargo Assassin’s Creed: Unity‘s reviews until after launch in order to hold back the flood of negative impressions. Dying Light, according to most initial accounts, seems to be pretty good. I’ll know when I boot it up for the first time today.

Anyone grabbing this title? Or, are you waiting for some reviews?