Is there no stopping Minecraft? In total, Mojang has sold 70 million units of its pop-culture phenomenon, easily making it the best selling game of the last five years, and roughly thirty percent of that has been on the native PC platform. Mojang has confirmed that Minecraft has hit 20 million PC sales.

The game’s official website claims that 20,009,634 people have bought the game as of writing with 10,562 picking it up in the past 24 hours alone. Makes you wonder who the lucky number 20 millionth was and if they’ll score a prize. Something tells me Mojang has 20 million of “something” it could stand to part with, if you catch my drift.

Business Developer at Mojang Daniel Kaplan thanked fans in an announcement on Twitter.

The rest of the sales figures are spread across the mobile version, which has topped 30 million, and the consoles. The Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions have sold a combined 20 million in the past, meaning that the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita builds must also round out a fair share of that figure as well.