Nintendo has created a new program meant to quell a little of the anger and frustration from YouTubers using their games in ad-filled videos.

A while back, Nintendo hit a bunch of YouTube channels that use their copyrighted gameplay and took over the ad revenue. That, obviously, caused a swell of disdain from the community.

Now, Nintendo has released the Nintendo Creators Program. It’s currently in-beta, and it’s essentially a revenue sharing system.

You post your Nintendo gaming videos, Nintendo gets money from them and then sends you a cut. Nintendo supposedly currently takes around a 60-70% slice of the action, which is obviously fairly hefty.

You can sign up for this beta program right here. You will need both Google and PayPal accounts in order to complete registration.

Nintendo did release a white list of games that can be used for the new program. It’s not an all-encompassing rundown of everything it has ever launched. In fact, it’s a little selective. For instance, you can’t use Super Smash Bros.  for either the Wii U or 3DS, but you can use Mario Kart 8. Sort of weird, right?

What do you think? Let’s Plays and the like are free advertising for these big gaming companies. Getting communities excited about games is what the Let’s Play community does best, and taking away what little monetary gain they receive from that effort seems silly.

“No, please, don’t advertise our games.” Weird.