GIFs keep the Internet afloat. Without them, the world would be a horrible, frightening, hellish landscape. And while it’s fun to look at GIFs, it’s never been particularly easy to make them. Thanks to Imgur, creating a GIF is as easy and straightforward as blinking. All you need is a video clip and you’re good to go.

Really, see for yourself how easy it is by visiting the site’s new Video to GIF portal. Imgur says hundreds of video sites are supported, which means everything from YouTube to Vimeo should be fair play. We tried it out, and the results are pretty solid—the quality is great, and there aren’t any unsightly watermarks. Thank goodness for that.

The entire process—from entering the URL, to choosing your GIF length (the max is 15 seconds), to processing—takes about 10 minutes. Very little effort is required on your part, so there’s no reason not to try it out. If files end up being over 10MB, Imgur will automatically convert it to GIFV, creating a more optimized file.

There aren’t very many customization options offered through the tool, though you can add text. Imgur’s new option isn’t the only GIF creation tool out there—Giphy’s is pretty much identical—but it does make the creation of these entertaining cat loops much more accessible. I’m just worried I’ll waste too much time making my own instead of working.