Like the recent rumors and reports have suggested, a new Rock Band is on its way. Harmonix officially announced Rock Band 4 this morning. It’s due this year, and it will release for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The news comes straight from Harmonix, and they compiled an FAQ (which you can read in full by hitting the source link at the base of this post). That FAQ details most of the big questions.

The biggest of which? What happens to all the DLC you already own? They have a good answer.

Q: Will my old DLC work on the next gen console of the same type, i.e. PS3 -> PS4?

A: Yes! Content purchased from the store or exported from a disc will transfer over to the new generation of consoles at not addition cost as we make that content available.

The bad news? If you switched platforms between generations, your DLC won’t transfer. Harmonix has no control over crossing purchasing records between marketplaces.

Rock Band 4 seems like it will ditch the keyboard, too. It will have new instruments, though they say they are going to see if they can make all of the old instruments work as well. The things they’re focusing on? The “core band that people are most familiar with:” guitar, bass, drums and mic.

We’ll have more on this new Rock Band as it comes. Stay tuned.