At roughly four months since its initial release on the Xbox One, PopCap has finally launched the promised Duel mode for Peggle 2.

The mode arrives for free on the Xbox One by way of a software update. It returns from the original Peggle, and lets players tangle in private and smart matches online, as well as offline couch play.

We’re not really sure why this one wasn’t included at launch, seeing as how it was a major feature for the previous version of the title, but we’re certainly glad that it’s finally here for free. We assume Peggle 2 was meant to launch in the Xbox One’s first holiday season, and that’s the reason for this feature’s absence.

Whatever the case, it’s here now. We actually intend to get a duel going over lunch today. How about you? Is duel mode bound to happen soon on your Xbox One for Peggle 2