Members of Microsoft’s Xbox One Preview program are getting features planned for the April update to the system in two chunks, and the first set rolled out on Friday.

The features for the second batch are unknown, but the first batch will bring some much-needed updates to party chat and achievements.

The Xbox One party chat application is receiving a troubleshooting feature that give you better feedback when party chat isn’t working. Unplugged microphones and networking issues should be easier to understand with this change.

Achievements will see a number of improvements. When an achievement pops up in-game, you’ll now see the description of the achievement so that you don’t have to launch the app to see what you’ve achieved. The pop-up will disappear quicker, as well, making it hopefully a bit less distracting. The achievements application should be running a bit more quickly after this update as well.

Game hubs, which were added earlier this year, should be a bit easier to find as well.

As usual, there’s no hard date on when the greater Xbox playing public will see these features.