Pebble Time may not be the most advanced smartwatch that’ll launch in 2015, but it’s certainly a popular one. After a month on Kickstarter, its campaign has now ended with more than $20 million in funding from 78,471 backers.

The original Pebble, which is often credited for sparking the smartwatch revolution, was also a big success; it became the most funded Kickstarter project ever in 2012, raising more than $10.3 million, and it remains the third-most funded Kickstarter project.

But its successor is a much-improved device. In addition to a full-color e-ink display, it boasts better software, the same 7-day battery life as the original model, and a built-in microphone that allows users to dictate notes and respond to text messages.

It took Pebble Time less than one hour to reach the $1 million mark, and after just one week, it became the most-funded Kickstarter campaign to date. When the campaign ended on Saturday, March 28, Pebble Time had raised a total of $20,338,986.

Its initial funding goal was just $500,000.

“From all of Pebble Team, we sincerely thank you for your support!” reads an update on the Kickstarter page. “We will be spending the coming months hard at work polishing every last detail of Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel, finishing Pebble timeline, and ramping up the production process.”

If you were one of the many who backed Pebble Time, you can expect your new smartwatch to begin shipping in May.