[metaslider id=1597]Pebble does not currently support Windows Phone or Windows 10 for phones natively. Instead, the Pebble, and even the new Pebble Time announced yesterday, were only built to support iOS and Android. That may soon change, however, with the help of internal testing at Microsoft.


WPPoweruser recently discovered an app inside of the Windows Phone Store, apparently built by Microsoft, that’s called “Pebble Notifications.” The app is described as “an internal test application to get feedback on Accessory Ecosystem Support feature in WP Blue GDR1. Screenshots reveal that users might one day be able to select specific applications that provide alerts on their Pebble smartwatch.

Additionally, users may be able to choose to receive toast notifications, phone calls, alarms, app uninstall alerts, reminders, e-mail and media notifications. There also appears to be support for quiet hours – a specific user-set time when Windows Phone won’t provide alerts, and tweaks to allow you to only receive inbox notifications or to disable all Pebble notifications entirely.

We tried to install the app and received an alert that we “don’t have the required permissions to download” it, which means it is indeed an app for internal testing purposes only. Hopefully that changes with a wider release later.