T-Mobile CEO John Legere on Tuesday took the stage during a press conference in California, where he unveiled the company’s latest “Un-carrier X” moves.

There are two major news announcements to speak of. First is “Binge On” which, like Music Freedom, allows customers to stream content without it affecting their monthly data allotment. It applies to 24 video services at launch including Netflix, Sling TV, watchESPN, Starz, Encore, Vevo, Hulu, HBO Now, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, Crackle, Ustream and even AT&T’s DirecTV and Verizon’s Go90 service. Vudu will offer a free movie rental each month for T-Mobile’s customers with unlimited plans through 2016. T-Mobile promises DVD quality for that streaming, which is 480p – keep that in mind and know that you can turn off Binge On to get better quality at the cost of consuming data.

Interestingly, YouTube is not included in the list of BingeOn applications, which means any streams from there will count against your monthly data allotment. T-Mobile said it’s working on adding YouTube but is ironing out some technical aspects.

T-Mobile also said it will provide new data options for Simple Choice plans. Instead of offering 1GB, 3GB and 5GB packages, T-Mobile will now offer 2GB, 6GB and 10GB packages at the same costs. Additionally T-Mobile has a “major promotion” for families called “Family Match” that will allow, with a special, a family of four people to have four lines with 6GB of data per line for $120 per month. The fourth line is free for a limited time. Previously, a family would have paid $140 per month for a family of four with 3GB of data per person. This includes unlimited video streaming with Binge On, which means streaming video won’t even cut into the additional data. A family of four can get Unlimited 4G LTE for $180, T-Mobile said.

T-Mobile said it’s also a big day for unlimited customers. The first 7GB used to allow consumers to tether, and now it’s available for up to 14GB.

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