OnePlus 3T is now available in soft gold

OnePlus 3T is now available in soft gold

The OnePlus 3T made its debut in November, just five months after the original OnePlus 3. It brought with it an improved display, Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 821 processor, more storage, and an improved front-facing camera.

The handset also came in a new gunmetal color option, and until now, that’s the only one that’s been available. But the soft gold model many fans have been waiting for just hit the OnePlus online store, and it’s available with up to 64GB of storage.

The only downside with the soft gold model is that it doesn’t offer 128GB of storage like the gunmetal model — and like the original OnePlus 3, there is no microSD card slot. But for the vast majority of consumers, 64GB should be plenty of space.

That means the soft model is priced at $439, just like the 64GB gunmetal model. Aside from its white display and prettier paint job, it’s exactly the same handset internally. And if you order yours now and you’re based in the U.S., it will ship within 4 days.