Want to experience gaming on a machine with top specs without actually buying or building a gaming rig? Nvidia has a solution that might appeal to you.

The company introduced GeForce Now for PC and Mac platforms. It’s a cloud-based game streaming service that lets users take advantage of Nvidia’s tech by paying for it by the hour. You can play games on a GTX 1080 for $25 per 10 hours, or you can play them on a GTX 1060 for $25 per 20 hours.

As for the games? You need to actually own games on digital marketplaces like Steam or GOG to use this service. You could also stick to free-to-play titles. If you want to play, say, Grand Theft Auto V, you’ll need to buy the game on Steam and install it on this virtual PC.

Here’s the service’s official FAQ on that:

Games are downloaded and installed from game store platforms. You must log into these store platforms to verify game ownership before downloading. You must also accept any license agreements that are part of the normal download and install experience set by the publisher.

This is a good deal if you don’t aim to play too much

In less than 300 hours, you’ll have spent enough money to buy your own top of the line GTX 1080, for what it’s worth. Granted, you need a gaming machine to do it.

If you’re looking to dump a thousand hours into gaming, which plenty do, you’ll want to actually plunk down the cash for a PC. If you play a bit more casually and simply want to experience high-end experiences without breaking the bank, this makes sense.

Of course, you’ll need a great internet connection. I imagine latency exists, too, no matter how blazing fast your connection is.

You can sign up for the waitlist for GeForce Now by visiting the official site below.