An old video from AT&T shows what it was like when the dial tone was actually new, though, and how customers should get used to a new dial telephone.

The video was posted to YouTube back in 2012 but, heck, I’ve never seen it, so we can all enjoy it now. It’s from AT&T’s archives and shows a clip that was played at local movie theaters.

“At midnight Saturday the telephones in this city will be changed to dial service, and all telephone numbers will be changed. Late this week new directories will be delivered,” the commercial, which aired in 1936 says. “Before calling any number, first secure the number from your new directory. Then remove the receiver and listen for the dial tone. It indicates everything is ready for your call.”

The video then instructs how to use a dial telephone which, honestly, would probably confuse most kids today.

It’s a fun look into the past that you can enjoy in the video above.