Okay, here’s your chance to give Watch Dogs 2 a proper try if you’re either an Xbox One on PlayStation 4 owner. Ubisoft’s done us a solid and dropped a free demo.

The free demo is up now on the PlayStation Store (hit the source link below), and it drops on the 24th for Xbox One. It’ll give you three hours of play. Check the trailer below for more info.

Demos should be industry standard

Demos. Demos! We need more demos. I get that companies may want to release these demos a few weeks after launch. I don’t like it, but I get it. They want that initial rush money that comes in relatively unfettered before they give consumers a free shot.

By waiting a few months, Ubisoft let Watch Dogs 2 ride its own natural hype wave before crashing out. They drop this demo, and now we’re talking about it again. Yes, I would have loved to see it sooner, but I’m glad it’s here all the same.

Give the demo a crack. There’s not been any news regarding a PC demo, but console gamers shouldn’t sit this one out.