The Xbox One X was officially announced at E3 this year with a November release date. But we’ve been waiting ever since for word on when we’d be able to get our names in the hat for a pre-order. As part of its Gamescom show today, Microsoft revealed that the Xbox One X is available for pre-order right now.

The company also announced a special day-one edition of the Xbox One X. Instead of just slapping some extra paint onto the controller, though, the Project Scorpio edition has a textured case and has the Project Scorpio name plastered all over the system. It’s subtle, but it looks pretty cool.

The Project Scorpio Edition is otherwise identical to the stock Xbox One X. It features the same cords, same hard drive, and so forth.

If you want to grab a Project Scorpio edition Xbox One X, you can pre-order it on Amazon while supplies last. Once those run out, we’re expecting Microsoft to change that product page over to the standard edition.