Google on Tuesday formally introduced a preview of ARCore, a new software development kit (SKD) designed to bring augmented reality to current and future Android devices. You can see a demonstration of ARCore in the video above.

According to Google, ARCore is built off the company’s Tango technology, which has existed in some capacity for the last three years. The difference between Tango and ARCore, however, is that ARCore doesn’t require additional hardware to work.

There are three key features crucial to ARCore: Motion tracking, environmental understanding, and light estimation. All of these features will work together to bring augmented reality to your device.

ARCore will come to the Pixel and Samsung’s Galaxy S8 beginning today, with a larger rollout planned for the future (so long as your device runs Android 7.0 Nougat). The search giant said it’s working with Samsung, Huawei, LG, Asus, and others, and plans to bring ARCore to more than 100 million devices before the preview is finished.

Google’s announcement of ARCore comes on the heels of Apple’s ARKit, which the Cupertino company introduced earlier this summer.

With the final version of iOS 11 on the horizon, Apple is primed to bring augmented reality to a wider scale of iPhone users. Android users, it seems, won’t be far behind, though it sounds like you’ll need the latest devices to use ARCore.

Google said it will share more information about ARCore later this year.