The PlayStation 4 is doing exceptionally well for Sony. The company has released the financial results for the time running from July until September of this year, and the PS4 shipped 3.3 million units over that period.

The PlayStation 3, according to IGN, also shipped 800,000 units over the same span. The entire gaming division saw its revenues increase 84 percent over the same period last year.

IGN also hit the downside of the Sony sales news. While the PlayStation 4 is moving like gangbusters, the handheld side of the PlayStation arm sold only 700,000 units over the same period. That’s down 100,000 year on year for the PS Vita and PSP. That number also includes the PlayStation TV.

Those numbers combine for $2.77 billion in revenue for Sony’s gaming arm. It’s too bad that the rest of the company isn’t doing as well. In spite of the PlayStation’s performance, Sony overall reported a loss of $1.22 billion over the same quarter.

Gaming is doing very well for Sony. It’s the other stuff that’s bringing the company down.