• Netflix’s huge Tudum fan event

    Stranger Things season 4 Creel House teaser Bridgerton Kathony clip

  • T-Mobile and Sprint merger deal

    T-Mobile US Inc. and Sprint Corp. agreed to new terms for their pending merger that take account of the slide in Sprint shares since the transaction was first agreed, putting the industry-altering deal a step closer to completion. T-Mobile owners will get roughly 11 shares of Sprint for each of their stock, the companies said […]

  • You can now pre-order Disney+ if you’re in the United States

    What you need to know Disney+ is now available for general pre-order in the United States. It’s still $6.99 a month, or $69.99 a year. And you still have to wait until Nov. 12 to actually watch it. If you just can’t wait for Nov. 12 to roll around and for Disney+ to officially launch, […]

  • Apple’s iPhone event stream on YouTube got nearly 2 million streamers

    What you need to know For the first time ever, Apple streamed its iPhone event on YouTube. The format proved to be a runaway hit with streamers. During the stream, the iPhone event got over 1.8 million streamers. For the first time ever, Apple streamed its iPhone event live on YouTube. It normally locks it down to […]

  • YouTube TV throws in free Showtime for longtime subscribers

    A pleasant surprise is greeting some YouTube TV subscribers this evening — free Showtime through Sept. 5. Flip on YouTube TV on any of your devices and you’ll be hit with a huge announcement telling you to check out YouTube TV from a computer (that’d be at tv.youtube.com to claim the free offer. A couple clicks […]

  • NVIDIA partners with Unity and Unreal to integrate ray tracing tech

    NVIDIA’s ray tracing tech hasn’t gotten off to a great start, with just a few titles offering support for the technology. That’s all set to change, as NVIDIA has announced at GDC that it is teaming up with Unity and Unreal to integrate its ray tracing technology into both game engines. That’s a major win […]

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